Quantum Optics and Information Meeting

22 - 23 April 2021

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Many thanks to our speakers and attendees. Hope to see you next year...


The main goal of these series of meetings is to gather the scientists and students who are interested in the fields of quantum optics and information and create an open environment to support colloboration. In 2016, the series of meetings started with the name KOBİT$\class{p-dark}{|0\rangle}$ in Hacettepe University (Ankara) which followed by the meetings in İzmir Institute of Technology (İzmir-2017), in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (Istanbul-2018), in Ankara University (Ankara, 2019) and as an online meeting organized by İzmir Institute of Technology (Online-2020).

KOBİT$\class{p-dark}{|5\rangle}$ will be hosted online by Bilkent, METU, and Hacettepe Universities on 22-23 April 2021.

Plenary Speakers


Marlan Scully

Texas A&M University - USA

Using quantum mechanics to detect covid-19 disease


Ataç İmamoğlu

ETH Zürich - Switzerland

Atomically thin semiconductors : probing strongly correlated electrons using excitons

Evening Lecture


Hakan Türeci

Princeton University - USA

Machine learning with quantum dynamical systems

Invited Speakers


Irene D'Amico

University of York - UK

Distributed Quantum Information Processing with Spin Networks


Ahmet Avsar

Newcastle University - UK

Extrinsic magnetism in a two-dimensional noble metal dichalcogenide


Turan Birol

University of Minnesota - USA

First principles calculations in correlated raterials 


Renbao Liu

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Quantum sensing to eliminate the blind spots of classical probes


Cihan Okay

Bilkent University - Turkey

A hidden variable model for universal quantum computation with magic states on qubits


Şener Özönder

Istinye University - Turkey

Physics and Machine Learning Reunited


Erhan Sağlamyürek

University of Alberta - Canada

Storing short pulses of single-photon-level light in Bose-Einstein condensates for high-performance quantum memory


Ahmad Salmanogli

Çankaya University - Turkey

Quantum Radar


İnanç Şahin

Ankara University - Turkey

Parallel Lives model and its implications on special theory of relativity


Enderalp Yakaboylu

Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics - Germany

Molecular impurities as a realization of anyons on the two-sphere

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