# Posters

Mohsen Izadyari

Single-Atom Quantum Heat Engine in Asymmetric Harmonic Oscillator Trap by Optomechanical-like model

Dimitris Muostos

Coherence harvesting with moving qubits

Kumran Ullah

Tunable multiwindow magnomechanically induced transparency, Fano resonances, and slow-to-fast light conversion

Rajni Bala

Quantum conferencing based on Mermin’s contextuality inequalit

Akash Kundu

Study of the optical response and coherence of a quadratically coupled optomechanical system

Kollas Nikolaos

Assisted catalysis of coherence from quantum fields

Yusuf Karlı

Interference in Multiphoton Quantum Walks

Ahmet Orun

Inter-substances “Natural Quantum Communication” investigation by atomic exchange observation with photonic wave-particle duality quantisation