# Pre-recorded Talks

Sooryansh Asthana

Quantum communication using SU(2)–invariant 2 × N level separable states

Sergey Borisenok

Feedback Control Algorithms for Quantum Batteries

Beyza Sütlüoğlu

Static synthetic gauge field control of double optomechanically induced transparency

Cenk Tüysüz

Hybrid Quantum-Classical Graph Neural Networks for Track Reconstruction

Laurin Ostermann

Subradiance via Entanglement in Atoms with Several Independent Decay Channels

Muhammad Tahir

Ground-state cooling of mechanical resonators by quantum reservoir engineering

Onur Danacı

MSM Intensity Difference Squeezing and Numerical Calibration for Hot Atomic Vapor FWMS

Onur Danacı

QSE from Partial Tomography Measurements by Imputation and Ensemble Machine Learning

Pelin Yıldırım

Hardware of Quantum Computers: A Literature Review

Zeki Seskir

A Computer Science-Oriented Approach to Introduce Quantum Computing To A New Audience